Captain's Log, StarDate 02012.2 : Entry One

I possess a certain degree of nerdiness that can be a bit...well...overwhelming for some (myself included, haha). Over the years, my fascination with the digital realm has driven me to conduct research and familiarize myself with a variety of emerging technologies.

As a Secondary English Education major, I am particularly interested in the fusion of ELA classrooms and modern hardware/applications. By implementing such technologies into the world of pedagogy, educators at any level can streamline the teaching process and provide vital lessons in digital literacy.

Throughout the next few years, technology and education will truly coalesce--shedding some of the more antiquated teaching methods along the way. With the help of pre-service, beginning, and veteran instructors, the transition to an updated digital classroom should be a smooth and enjoyable process.

I found this nifty little "infographic" while browsing Digg.com for stories regarding the aforementioned topic. It seems to provide a simple and holistic summary of the most common technologies being introduced into classrooms lately.

Let me know what you think!

Image courtesy of Horizon Report 2011.


  1. Zach, that infographic was very interesting. I thought #4 was appealing because I think that is an area that educators struggle with. What are ways in which we can educate youth as they explore these "free and ubiquitous" sources?

  2. Zach, after working with you on most of our projects in Callahan's class, I figured this class would be perfect for you. I have no doubt that you'll have a tech-based class and digital literacy in your classroom will be phenomenal.